101 in 1001

Completion target date: October 4, 2011

1.    Explore a way to exercise my artistic passion regularly
2.    Find a way to earn another $1000/month
3.    Sew quilts for the 5 cousins from my mother’s fabric
4.    Read all the books that are waiting for me to read and don’t buy any more until then
5.    Learn how to blog successfully
6.    Use my divorce experience to help others transition through the process, particularly women going through it after long-term marriages
7.    Finalize my divorce
8.    Knit something more complicated than a scarf
9.    Visit A in Israel next year
10.    See Alaska
11.    Turn my home into my home
12.    Buy a new dining room table and chairs (suspended: I moved the kitchen table to the dining room)
13.    Get rugs for the living room
14.    Get rugs for my bedroom
15.    Warm up the family room so that I enjoy spending time in there
16.    Create a cozy reading nook in the living room
17.    Start a vegetable garden
18.    Learn to take care of my lawn myself (oh well, I hired a landscaper)
19.    Date
20.    Create three pre-Haven classes
21.    Lose 50 pounds
22.    Take a real yoga class
23.    Learn how to do home repairs myself
24.    Get rid of the mildew in the bathroom – made real progress on this 4/09
25.    Turn some of my photography into art pieces for my home
26.    Organize my books
27.    Organize my home office
28.    Get my mother’s apartment rented out – renters moved in 4/09
29.    Get my mother’s finances in order – done 4/09
30.    Streamline the photos that are on display in the living room I actually took them down for showing purposes
31.    Do something about the space in between my teeth
32.    Winterize my windows
33.    Set up a music corner in the living room so that I can easily listen to my iPod done 6/09
34.    Repaint the stairwell
35.    Take down the wallpaper in the living room and stairwell and paint
36.    Put molding up in the entry from the living room into the kitchen
37.    Redo the downstairs bathroom
38.    Pay only cash for my weekly expenses
39.    Establish a 3-4 month emergency fund
40.    Get timeshare paid off
41.    Save enough to buy myself a new car so I can give A mine when she returns from Israel
42.    Reduce my carbon footprint; plant low-maintenance prairie grass and buy a manual mower
43.    Make sure all my CDs are on my iPod and backed up, then get rid of them 6/19: packed them away
44.    Take a multivitamin every day
45.    Go to the eye doctor and get new glasses
46.    Figure out how to combine quilling and calligraphy
47.    Wash the windows
48.    Learn how to make caramels
49.    Pay off credit card – done 4/09
50.    Take a class on gardening
51.    Learn how to drum
52.    Join a drum circle
53.    Find a bread recipe that I can make every week (that’s not bad for me)
54.    Groom the dogs regularly to keep shedding down
55.    Tell my mother that I’m getting a divorce lost my chance – she passed away on 5/6/09
56.    Organize my craft room
57.    Learn how to make scented candles
58.    Clean out the laundry room done 4/09
59.    Try one new physical activity
60.    Do DDR at least twice a week
61.    Pretty up my entry way
62.    Get rid of the buckets in the foyer; replace with a console table
63.    Get 8 hours of sleep every night for a month
64.    Replace underwear that needs to be replaced
65.    Get new bras
66.    Get the patio fixed
67.    Master making papercraft bowls
68.    Shop at farmers’ markets
69.    Organize books
70.    Buy a new house closer to Lori and Howie
71.    Learn to make crème brulee
72.    Reduce my monthly bills by 10%
73.    Join a writers’ group
74.    See a career/life coach – first conversation 4/09
75.    Learn to weave
76.    Make a tallit
77.    Take an improv class
78.    Get a headboard
79.    Recover Poang chairs or get new cushions
80.    Master making fresh pasta
81.    Celebrate Valentine’s Day 2010 with a special person
82.    Hear someone call me “honey” again
83.    Forgive my STBXH for bailing
84.    Forgive my STBXH for everything else
85.    Learn to truly love myself
86.    Make my evenings more productive
87.    Reduce the clutter in my home
88.    Paint a piece of furniture – done 4/09
89.    Knit something with all the yarn I own
90.    Stop buying yarn until I use up all the yarn I own
91.    Master felting
92.    Replace the living room ceiling
93.    Visit B in New York
94.    Buy long-term care insurance
95.    Landscape the front lawn
96.    Discover my decorating style
97.    Try drying clothes outside in the summer
98.    Do something with the window next to the front door and the molding that Killian damaged
99.    Spend a whole day going to thrift shops and consignment stores
100.    Become a grandmother
101.    Fall in love


3 responses to “101 in 1001

  1. monogamoney

    Wow this is a major, major list! How will you break this down into chunks you can actually manage?

  2. Debbie Harris

    Oh, I admit it’s ambitious! I’ll organize it into categories in April (spring break), with some projected deadlines.


    thanks for reading!

  3. Allie

    I’m just saying…don’t expect MY help with number 100. And that’s not fair, there’s not YOU can do about that…

    Well, besides nudge and Jewish guilt, I guess. 😉

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