Divorce is funny

No, really.

I think divorce can be funny. Then again, I always manage to find some humor in anything. Even funerals. Even splitting up after 30 years of marriage.

Take sex. When he left, I worried that maybe the last time he and I had sex would be the last time for me. Oh no! If I had only known that it would be the last time, I would have paid closer attention. I might have taken notes. Imagine that – my husband of 30 years is leaving, and all I’m worried about is that I might forget what sex was like. And, frankly, lots of times when we were having sex, it wasn’t like it was so memorable anyway…

Then last week I had to go for a uterine ultrasound (now, that is not really funny). When the technician gave me the wand-thingie to put, well, up me… my first instinct was to say, “Listen, my husband moved out almost two months ago; could you put some batteries in that thing?” I didn’t think she’d get it, though (English was definitely not her first language).


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