Go ahead, fire me…

At our dinner the other night, we talked about what we would be looking for in another relationship. Now, I had more pre-marriage relationships than he did, and several of them were pretty serious, given my age at the time. And since he dropped the “D bomb,” I have thought a lot about what kind of man I could see myself with.

I said that I would like someone who shares my interest in the world and in politics, and who I would find intellectually stimulating.

“You didn’t find me intellectually stimulating?” He asked.

Talk about a cathartic experience. You know how, when you’re leaving a job and you have that one last exit intereview, you can pretty much say whatever you want without fear of recrimination?

What was he going to do if he didn’t like my answer? Leave me?

“Nope,” I answered.



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2 responses to “Go ahead, fire me…

  1. Good for you that you can said what you really think and feel without fear!

  2. monogamoney

    Wow. I can’t believe you said that!

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