The growing realization

In the last almost-two months, I’ve had a lot of time to think about my 30 year marriage.

I’ve concluded that (a) we were never soulmates and (b) I was not a better person for having been married to him. Really.

We went out for dinner Friday night after visiting my mother in the hospital (we still haven’t told her), and talked about that. Wow – 30 years with someone because…

1. We had been dating for several years and it was the next logical step

2. We grew up together and were comfortable with each other

3. We did have a lot in common

So, is that a failure or not? We had good reasons to stay together, but now I guess they’re not good enough.


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One response to “The growing realization

  1. miwilcox

    Better than mine– we had two children and “history” . From reading your blog, you were atleast still having intimate relations. We didnt even have that. You go girl!

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