Things I never thought I could do

I’m a reasonably successful woman, I think. I mean, I’m a college graduate, I’ve been working for over 20 years, I run a small business from my home, and I managed to raise two kids and not kill them in the process. But there are always those things that I left to my husband to take care of.

In the last two months I’ve had to change the clocks for the end of daylight savings time. Wow – you never saw a college graduate so damned proud of her ability to stand on a chair, take a clock off the wall and turn the little knob. My daughter even said, “wow – you go, girl!”

I had to empty a mouse trap. Ick. But I did it.

Buy dog food. Those bags are REALLY heavy.


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One response to “Things I never thought I could do

  1. Mine was putting a worm on a hook for my guys to go fishing! (I even learned how without touching it!)

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