Walking away from me, and walking away from responsibility

I’m realizing that he not only is divorcing me, but the dogs, the kids (who, thankfully are adults), and the house. He says to me that when he wakes up in the morning he just feels peace.

Why, of course he does.

Why wouldn’t he feel peace? He left me with the 50 year old house with the leaking roof, the barking dogs, the projects that he hasn’t finished, the garage full of his crap, his unfinished 1964 convertible in the driveway…

I asked him if he could stay at the house over New Year’s because I’ve been invited to go away with some friends. Now, I can’t really go away any other time since I’m a teacher and it’s hard to take time off during school. No, he says, he’s going away too, so I’M GOING TO HAVE TO MAKE OTHER ARRANGEMENTS FOR THE DOGS.

Note the use of I’m there…

Funny, I thought WE adopted those dogs and committed to them.

But, I guess commitments don’t mean much to him.


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