Communication tip

Here’s how I communicate with my STBXH these days.

I write him one email a day. I start it in the morning and save it as a draft. I title it with the date.

During the day, as things come to me, I add them to the email.

I revise it as I go.

Generally, I find that if I’m pissed off when I think of something (and I write it like I’m pissed off), by the time I actually send it I’ve managed to revise it so that I’m not so angry when I send it. Like, instead of saying, “I’m wondering why it takes an act of Congress to get you to contact the roofer about the leak that your daughter and I are living with and you’re not because, coward that you are, you moved out when things got rough,” I say something like, “I’d appreciate an update from the roofer you said you would contact last week.”

This way I’m not inundating him with emails and I have a record of everything I’ve emailed to him. And I don’t sound like such a pissed off bitch.


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