Cooking for one

I don’t have a clue how to cook for one person. Not one iota. Frankly, I don’t have much of an idea of how to cook for four.

Problem is that I really am not a fan of frozen dinners, or any of the other stuff that makes sense for one person to eat. I always kind of feel like it tastes like the cardboard it came in.

Other problem: I really like to eat homemade soups in the winter. I think it’s part of the nesting thing. Most soup recipes, though, make a lot.

Today I made this awesome chicken tortilla soup. Delicious. But it made way more than one person can eat.

Of course, I refrigerated the leftover soup, but I think I would probably eat it every night this week and still have some left. So I guess I’ll either have to invite the neighborhood, or (more likely) freeze the remainder. So I’ll need to buy freezer containers.

I was thinking about getting together with some other single friends and cooking a big Sunday night meal, then splitting up the leftovers so everyone gets enough for their meals for a week. Think about it: 4 people cook. Each person brings enough for 2 meals. You cook everything up, share a Sunday night dinner and go home with food for the next 6 or so nights. That would work, wouldn’t it?

Anybody ever do a cooking club like that?



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2 responses to “Cooking for one

  1. I am unmarried and would love a cooking group like that! I think you should start one. I have a friend in the Chicago-area that I’ll enroll, but unfortunately I’ll have to watch from a distance.

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