Rate the Date: click all that apply

So it’s Friday night and I’m lying in bed, Killian the black lab at my feet while I peruse JDate. I haven’t decided to take the leap into a paid membership, so I can’t read the messages that I’ve received. That’s probably my way of dealing with not really being ready to take the plunge into dating. After all, I haven’t lost the, oh, I don’t know – 40, 50, 60 pounds yet, gotten the gap between my teeth fixed and developed a love for exercising and the great outdoors (why do so many of these guys expect women in their 50’s to be physically active? Really? Have they met many women my age?).

I think I really go to the site just to assure myself that there are men my age who still have their hair and teeth.

It’s kind of like browsing any other collection-type website, like All Recipes. Now, that’s a great website. Say you’re looking for a chicken recipe. You just to to All Recipes, and voila! you can browse through thousands of chicken recipes. But the part I like best is the reviews section. Especially the ones that go, “I really loved this recipe. I just substituted chicken breasts for the thighs, green pepper instead of chilis, oregano for the cilantro (DH HATES cilantro), and I cooked it in the crock pot instead of on the grill.”

The other day my daughters and I were discussing JDate and we decided that that’s what JDate needs – a review section. You know, like All Recipes, Zappos or Amazon.

It could go like this:

Did you date this man? Please take a moment to fill out our review section…

1. He was (a) taller than described (b) shorter than described (c) I couldn’t really tell unless he removed the lifts

2. He was (a) thinner than described (yeah, right), (b) heavier than described, (c) so fat that the circus was calling

Pros: click all that apply:

[  ] Had all his own teeth   [   ] Had all his own hair  [   ] Used good grammar

Cons: click all that apply:

[  ] Lives with mom   [  ] let me pay for dinner   [  ] reminded me of my ex-husband

[  ] Yes, I would set him up with a friend  [  ] I wouldn’t set him up with my worst enemy

Then you could have dater reviews, like:

Wow! This was a real winner. He was fifteen minutes late for the date, didn’t open the car door for me, and stuck me with the check. He never finished college (unlike what was in the description), and the conversation centered around his weekend gaming addiction. Run, run, run – I give him 1 star (he got one because we both loved the movie “Bridges Of Madison County”).


5 stars. I would give Mr. Smith a 10 if I could. This was the best date I’ve been on in years. He was funny, smart, well-dressed and knew exactly what to order. We talked for hours – that man knew so much about movies, books and theater.

**** important notice**** Mr. Smith has withdrawn his “looking for women” status. He can now be found in “looking for men.”

Then, of course, after you do reviews you can have the recommendations part. Like, “Did you date Mr. Black? Then, try…”   Women who dated this man also dated…

So, don’t you think a reviews section would be a great addition to a dating site? Amazing what it would do for truth in advertising. What reviews would you post?

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4 responses to “Rate the Date: click all that apply

  1. Allie

    Me!! Me!!! I said there should be reviews (not that sister of mine). Amazing post, JDate would be so much more popular!!!

  2. OK spinning off a little bit here …

    When the Internet dating services first started to become really popular, I saw a TV ad for one of the traditional dating services with this phrase: “Date someone in your own area code.”

    Umm, yeah, that is a bit cheaper in the long run!

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