Healing through crafting

Melody’s mosaics, part one

I “met” Melody through First Wives World. Like me, Melody is divorced after a long marriage. Crafting has helped her heal, and she graciously has agreed to share her story here.

I used to be very creative and then a few years ago I felt so uninspired that I couldn’t get motivated to do anything. I would walk through arts and crafts store and not see a single would inspire me and I did not know why.


Melody: Beachy

I was at my weekly woman’s support group recently. These women have been there while I have processed wanting to leave, to leaving and divorcing. At a recent meeting, I had replayed a situation I had with my ex that week. When I was done, I said, I wondered who I would be when I didn’t have the drama of him in my life anymore. One of the ladies, piped up with, My heart will probably open again. I see myself as a positive, optimistic person and did not see my heart as close/walled off or whatever. But I once it was pointed out, I looked for the truth in what she said. I mulled that over for a couple of weeks. Because of the New Year I made an intention for 2009 – To be willing to open my heart up again.

Joy in Mosaics

Melody: Joy in Mosaics

You know what happened? My creativity came back!! And right now, I’m into mosaics. My first project last week was a tray with swirls of little seashells and glass gems. This week I bought a wood box and I am going to do a mosaic with beads and buttons. It feels so good to be creative again. I am finding joy in mosaics.

My life is like a Mosaic. It doesn’t have to be perfect. I am putting my life together piece by piece. Sticking what is good to a strong foundation and then concreting my beliefs in place. I am as unique as each piece will be. I love the seashore and right now, my themes are beachy!

Tomorrow: the butterfly


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