Healing through crafting, continued

Melody’s mosaics, part two (part one can be found here)

Memory Box  for my Life Change - beyond divorce

Melody: Memory Box for my Life Change - beyond divorce

I wanted to find a way to create a personal ritual or life ceremony for this passage from married to unmarried.  I found a book called Ceremonies for Real Life by Carine Fabius. I took her ideas and I customized them for myself.  I created a memory box. I painted black and red – black for endings, red for transformation. The broken tile represents my broken marriage. Inside the box, I put a caterpillar to represent the wife, girl, woman I used to be. The one that tried to love too much, nuture too much, hoped too much…etc. I wrote, In order to be a butterfly, you have to quit thinking like a caterpillar.

Inside the box I put two little craft books. One titled, Memories and Good Things from my marriage and relationship with (my ex). The first page is of the Best things, that being our beautiful children of course. I have a page for Fun Memories, Food Memories, Holiday Memories, Things that I will miss. Places we lived, Pets we’ve owned, etc, etc, etc. The book came tied together with ribbon and I tied my ring to it.

The other book is titled just that: The Other Book. Not clever, but it works. On the first page I wrote, All forgiven. All issues buried in a box. Ho Opano pano! Clean Slate. I felt no need to fill up this book. On the inside bottom of the box, I wrote, Transformation. And on top of the box right out of the midst of brokenness is a Butterfly.

It was comforting to process this box.p1010045

Tomorrow: The Divorce Horse.



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2 responses to “Healing through crafting, continued

  1. Kaye

    Great therapy. How wonderful to have something beautiful to show for the healing.

  2. Debbie Harris

    Kaye – thanks for writing. Isn’t it beautiful? I’m so grateful Melody allowed me to share it all.

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