Healing through crafting, continued

Previously: Melody’s Mosaics, The Butterfly

While I was in the stages of creativity at the Craft Store. I spied a bag of dirt, that you would use to build villages around trains. And I got this wild idea. I saw a little box, with a screen on top to look in. I painted the box black. Inside I wrote words that represented the issues that we could never resolve.  I covered them with dirt, put in a toy horse, a little more dirt. Then I glued/sealed it shut.  On the top I wrote: INSIDE THIS BOX IS BURIED A DEAD HORSE. On the front I finished it with, I QUIT BEATING IT. Here Lies, Same Old Issues – May they rest in Peace.

the Divorce Horse

Melody: the Divorce Horse

I never, ever have to have the same conversation again. If I feel the need to “remember” and find my self getting upset, I just pull out the box and remember – I buried them – old habits can be broken.

I don’t have to bury the box. The “activity” of making it was enough and I need to see it now and then. For now its in a bag in the back of my closet with the Memory Box.  I hope that one day, when you are ready for total acceptance and you are tired of beating a dead horse, that you find a way to bury them and let them rest in Peace.

Editor’s note – Melody, thank you so much for sharing your work – it’s incredibly inspirational and I hope you allow me to post more! ~ Debbie


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