Skill set

Sometimes, when you’re looking for a job, you need to show how skills you used at your old job will apply to the job for which you’re applying. Like how the customer service skills you honed as a food server, a retail clerk or a customer support specialist will transfer to selling tires, teaching or managing a restaurant.

Everything is about skills. In my “other” life, I teach children how to use computers. And we’ve discovered that it’s not about teaching kids how to use Microsoft Word; it’s about learning to use a word processor in general. It’s about the skills – not the specifics of one particular application.

So now I’m thinking about life skills. All those skills I’ve developed over the years of working, being a mom and wife, making a home. Those weren’t skills that only apply to those things, though, right? In my transition to my “new job” as divorced middle-aged woman I’m wondering if some of my carefully crafted, well-developed skills of making dinner for a bunch of people, arranging carpools (well, to be honest, I haven’t needed that one in a while), and organizing a busy family just aren’t as important any more.

Can that really be? Did I just spend over 30 years developing a whole bunch of skills I don’t really need?

That’s crazy – I refuse to accept that.

I guess I’m just going to have to take a careful look at my skill set and figure out how they transfer over.

I think I need a divorce transition coach.

No, wait, I think I’m becoming one…

What skills did you have to re-frame?

Stay tuned…


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