Five months

He moved out five months ago today.

Five months ago I cried easily, even at work. I’ve never done that, even after finding out about the affairs.

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Going out at night by myself was weird, and I worried a lot about getting lost.

I worried a lot about money.

I hated eating alone.

I filled up my Saturday nights so I didn’t sit home alone.

What a difference five months makes.

Going out at night is fine – I meet friends for dinner, run errands, all that – at night and alone.

Today I spent 15 minutes at the grocery store thinking about what I was going to eat for my dinner tonight. Alone. And I looked forward to eating it.

I turn down offers for Saturday nights if I want to. Sometimes I need a little down time – even on Saturday.

And I haven’t cried in months.

How far I’ve come.

(I still worry about money, though).

Can’t wait to see what another five months bring.


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