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Online dating

In my investigation into online dating I’ve discovered that it’s not just about choosing a site, throwing up a couple photos, writing a bio and getting dates. Nooooooo… you’ve got to market yourself.

Did you know that are numerous companies that will write your bio, choose your photos, help you with a tagline?

I need a tagline to date?

Who knew from taglines that last time I dated?

Apparently it’s all about how you market yourself. Um, excuse me, I’m not Nike. I didn’t realize that I needed a marketing department. The problem is that I tend to equate marketing with, well, telling less-than-the-truth.

Not lying, exactly. Fudging.

So, from reading the online dating tips sites, I’ve learned that you need good photos (check), a good bio (check) and a good tagline (huh?). The bio shouldn’t contain anything negative or cliches and should make you stand out in a crowd. Oy.

And, if I wanted to hire one of these companies to help me, I could pay $750 or more. Wowser. I’m so in the wrong business.

Yikes. It was easier when you went to school, met someone at a party and then dated. This is creepy.

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