Boo eHarmony

So eHarmony is advertising that you can join for free for a few days. I go to the website and create an account and then complete the longest survey about likes, dislikes, etc.

I get to the end… and it tells me that my marital status is still married.


I know – isn’t that what separated means?


And then, it pretty much is done with me.

Oh well. But why couldn’t it have told me that before I sat and completed the survey?


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3 responses to “Boo eHarmony

  1. I did the same thing! I hated it. It was a loooong survey and then denied?! Due to the marital status question they asked in the first place?! To save you some time, I was still curious and re-did it a few days later, this time correcting the status to the lie of divorced. Uh, they are hip to that and kindly offered to take my money once I submitted my divorce papers to them.

    Yeah. I’ll get right on that.

    But it all worked out because I found the love of my life on Match. So ha.

    Good luck out there,

    • Debbie Harris

      Ha – thanks Dawn! At least I know not to bother. Whatever – Match and JDate were more than happy to sign me up. Glad to hear Match worked out for you.

  2. Moose

    That eHarmony guy should have stayed in the popcorn business.

    Besides, eHarmony discriminates against homosexuals and Wiccans, in addition to “separated” individuals. You don’t want to be associated with that website.

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