Random questions while perusing online dating sites…

1. Why are so many lawyers divorced?

2. How come so many men in their 50’s and 60’s think they’ll attract women in their 30’s?

3. Why do people put up awful photos?

4. Are people really so technically illiterate that they don’t realize they’re posting the same photo four times? Do they not look at their completed profile?

5. Why do men think I care what their favorite color is? “Oh no – he’s into blue. No way… Next” Really?

6. Don’t all browsers have spell check these days? How come intelligent (I guess) men with advanced degrees don’t know to put a space after a period or comma and to capitalize sentences? Or has MS Word ruined the whole manual capitalization thing? Conversely, why do people capitalize random words within sentences?

7. Why do so many men in Israel look at my profile? Why has a 25-year old man winked at me twice?

8. Do men in their 50’s and 60’s really think it’s okay to use “2” for the words to and too or “gr8” for great? Seriously? Especially on Match.com, where you have tons of characters. Honestly, it’s an online dating site, not Twitter.

9. Isn’t there anything we can do about bad mustaches?

10. Have you ever REALLY seen someone stop and smell the roses? Wouldn’t you think, “gee, that guy is weird…,” rather than “wow – I’d like to date him!”?

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