A lot of frogs

frog-1So – I’m on Match.com and I get another email. Jewish. A teacher. One suburb over from mine. A little younger than I, but not too much.

I email him back… I choose one or two things in his profile about which to comment. Not too much, not too little. I’m playing it cool.

He replies.

“What makes you feel sexy?” He writes.

Seriously? On the second email? Before he even buys me dinner?

What happened to what’s your favorite restaurant? Tell me about your kids. Or where would you like to travel?

“What makes you feel sexy?”

Well, it definitely isn’t getting questions like that from a man I haven’t even met (who, by the way, according to his profile, lives with a roommate. What are you? 19?).

Yep – ya gotta kiss a lot of frogs…

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2 responses to “A lot of frogs

  1. LOL…yeah he pretty much played his hand before getting dealt some cards. What a jerk! But what great blog fodder.

    A lot of frogs indeed.

    New to the blog, brought over by DoubleSifted on Twitter….and just had to comment..

  2. Debbie Harris

    Harmony – I love that “played his hands before getting dealt any cards!” You betcha! Welcome – thanks for writing.

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