I read it in the personals…

Just a few more nuggets from my daily perusal of the mate catalog – oops, I mean personals…

“looking to meat some one to have a nice time with”

“I love to travel and I have been considering the idea of having someone that could join me in my shorts but also in my longest journey”




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4 responses to “I read it in the personals…

  1. Kaye

    Oh dear. It would almost be funny if you could halfway believe either was a Freudian slip, but I’m afraid it’s just ignorance.

    I think I might be one of those people for whom bad grammar skills could be a deal killer.

    • Debbie Harris

      I know, Kaye – it’s a curse. I should change my headline to

      “Grammar snob finds intelligent men sexy”


  2. Kaye

    My email signature for awhile:

    I am the grammarian about whom your mother warned you.

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