Observations: online dating

Some more observations.

I am just not as trusting as I thought I was. I get these winks on Match.com, and I just don’t believe that people are for real. Really not for real. I wish that I could find out if photos have been posted elsewhere on the web; sort of a search engine in reverse.

I don’t feel like I’m really getting what I paid for. Maybe it’s my age, maybe it’s the mentality of online dating. I think the problem is that people are just browsing more than “shopping,” know what I mean? I know that I do it; I look at profiles and think, “well, he would be good,” but I don’t always do anything about it. And when I have I get nothing in return; no winks, no emails.

I’m still not comfortable with how superficial it all is, for the most part. I still would rather meet someone standing in line at Jewel (do you know that I’ve stopped using the self check out for that very reason? Instead of looking at which line is the shortest, I gauge which has the most potential…).

Having said that, I do like two free online dating sites. Now, the problem with free is what the problem with free has always been. There is a certain weeding out that happens when you charge. But the fact that JDate and Match charge doesn’t really help, because all online dating sites have a free component where you can see and be seen. So, when you’re looking at profiles you don’t know if those people are paid members or not anyway. So, when my memberships are up at JDate and Match I think I may drop them, and focus on two sites that I like and that have been pretty good for meeting new people:

Plenty of Fish: The interface isn’t exactly elegant, but I’ve connected with a lot of men. I’m having coffee with one tonight and another one has given me his phone number.

OKCupid: This one is unique, and I like it. I feel like it’s more interesting; the questions are different, and the interface is lovely. If they go “pro” with a nominal monthly membership I may even go for it. I’ve connected with several interesting men in the short time I’ve been on it.

Have a great week!


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