Moving along

I think dating is just like riding a bicycle. You never really forget. At least I guess I didn’t.

Seriously – it’s starting to come back. And I realize how much I enjoyed flirting.

I also remembered how much I hated rejecting others. In my short “return-to-dating after divorce” experience I’ve already rejected Mr. last week’s coffee. After six days he emailed me (I thought that I’d dodged a bullet – that maybe I’d never hear from him again). I was torn. Do I see him again, even though I was not excited about a man who works at Staples, smokes and lives with a buddy in the buddy’s condo?

No – and I’m definitely not geting any younger, people. So I responded to his email with a polite thank you for the coffee we shared, told him that we weren’t a match, and wished him well. It was just as hard as it was 30 years ago, except that, admittedly, it’s waaaaaay easier to do over email than over the phone or in person.

Thank goodness for technology.



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2 responses to “Moving along

  1. Kaye

    Life’s too short to keep going out with a man you’ve already decided is unsuitable. The things you don’t like about him are not going to change.

  2. Kaye

    It occurs to me that a lot of my comments sound like I’m giving advice, and God knows I have no intention of doing that.

    I’m trying to affirm that I agree with you and empathize and sympathize and all that sisterhood I’ve-been-in-your-shoes stuff.

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