Like riding a bicycle…

You never forget how…

Well, I’ve been out for two coffees and on one date. What a strange word, date. Why is it called a date?

Anyway – you know about the first coffee, with Mr. Staples. I felt badly, but I tossed him. Why waste time, right?

The second coffee was better; he’s a little geeky (fine with me), and we had enough in common. Including our last names; his last name is my maiden name, which is weird. Of course, I start to think, what if we get married, do I use my maiden name and then my new married name, which are the same?

Perhaps I jump the gun.

We went out last week; dinner and a movie. Again, the last time I dated Gerald Ford was in office. If we went to a movie, it was probably Star Wars (the first time around), Annie Hall or All the President’s Men. Hm. Aliens, Jewish angst or corruption in politics. My, how things have changed. Dinner was a burger place; nothing expensive.

Anyway – back to my title. You don’t forget. It all came back; talking to someone I didn’t really know, flirting a little, drawing someone out.

Also, the sticky stuff; do we kiss good night? Who pays? Who leads?

I had fun, even though I certainly don’t feel like there were sparks. That’s okay – I’m just looking for a date, right? Not a husband – at this point.

It was nice to have a destination with another person, and the beginning of a friendship, if not a relationship.

Yup, you never forget.


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