Pssssst… more tips for online daters

I don’t care what your motorcycle looks like.

Using sexual graphics as your profile photo will not make me want to contact you.

If it’s June, change your headline so it doesn’t say “Fall is upon us”

Put up some information, for heaven’s sake. I hate when I click on someone’s photo and there’s nothing there.

Put up a photo. A recent one. A non-blurry one. And not one of you and 10 other people so we can’t figure out who you are.

If someone emails you, email them back. Even if you’re not interested. Otherwise, it’s bad dating karma.

“LuvUonTop” is not a good user name.

If you email someone, refer to their profile in some way. Otherwise the email just sounds canned and one wonders if perhaps you haven’t sent the same email to 100 other women. It’s easy – just say, I see that you’re into Italian food. Have you ever eaten at xxx? or I love NPR – do you listen to Wait, Wait Don’t Tell Me? See – piece of cake.

People – look at your user name. Spell “flirt” right (because I just don’t want to date “Icanfirlt”). Look at how it reads as one long word. Are you using two words together that just don’t work? For instance, “One Song Imp” would come out to onesongimp. Do you want “gimp” in your user name? Or my new favorite: loverofarts. Is that Lover O Farts? or Lover Of Arts? Got it?

If you create your profile in a word processor and then copy/paste it to your browser, check to make sure that it didn’t truncate and to verify that the apostrophes didn’t turn into question marks, or something like that. To just let it go says that you didn’t really care, that your attitude is that it’s just an online profile…

just sayin’



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3 responses to “Pssssst… more tips for online daters

  1. Kaye

    This ought to be posted at the top of every online dating site.

  2. Debbie Harris

    Kaye – no kidding! I can’t believe that I even had to say any of it!

  3. Jet

    I followed you here from another blog, and I’ve read from the beginning until this post–which had me laughing out loud! Don’t know if you’ll ever see this since it’s from months ago.

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