Leave my dad alone…


So, on OKCupid, you can see who’s been looking at your profile, just like you can on most any other site. Only on OKCupid they’re called Stalkers, which I pretty much love.

Anyway – I clicked on Stalkers so I could see who’s been checking me out, and I clicked on one of the men’s photo to view HIS profile. Fair’s fair, right?

Eek. Married, looking for, um, a daytime friend.

Quick – click the “Hide” button so he won’t come up on any of my searches. I am so NOT interested.

Couple hours later, I click on my inbox. I’m so excited! Two messages.

Well, one was from my buddy Kelly, who’s adorable and lives in the UK. Obviously, not a huge future in this relationship, but we like to chat.

The other one was from the married man, and said… Leave my dad alone. He’s married and lives with my mother. You should be ashamed of yourself. Stay the fuck away.

Hmmmm – looks like somebody left the browser open…

I forwarded it to the site administrators, although I can’t imagine that there’s much they’ll do about it. But it’s incredible – I feel so badly. Now, I’m the victim of marital infidelity, and my kids were in a similar situation at one time. I don’t know how old this child is, and he or she obviously doesn’t know that I’m not involved with this person – only that I innocently clicked on his profile. It doesn’t matter; I feel so badly that this child has found out that dad’s looking for something, and that I was somehow implicated. I actually felt like responding and explaining myself, but I just decided to forward the email to the site admin and move on.

And I guess that I should add to my hints for online daters: if you’re using an online dating site to cheat on your spouse; close the browser, clear the cache and set it up so that you don’t automatically log in.


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2 responses to “Leave my dad alone…

  1. Rhonda

    I browsed that site a little, and saw TWO of those kinds of posts. Also a victim of infidelity….that really pissed me off!~~ See why I told you I am not so sure about those sites? Oy.

  2. Debbie Harris

    Oy – but it’s where you gotta go if you want to get back out there, kwim?

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