JDate; I challenge you…

Facebook | Deborah Stern HarrisI posted this on Tuesday to my Facebook status.

You wouldn’t believe how many comments I received. All from women my age-ish, all negative, all agreeing with me.

Except for the one from my son-in-law, who disagreed with me. I imagine he would, since he met my beautiful daughter on JDate. But they were much younger than I, and I’m convinced that, as beautiful and charming as my daughter is, she would have met someone if she was just standing in our backyard. And to my younger daughter – who will no doubt read this – you would have, too, if you hadn’t met your fiance while playing trombone in the HS band (not even kidding)…

Anyway, I obviously touched a nerve. JDate sucks – if you’re a women over 40.

I joined JDate as a paying member almost three months ago, but I think I created my free account the week Mr. Ex moved out, to prove to myself that men my age still had their own teeth and could put together three cohesive sentences (and, well, some can). Since September,  I’ve had only 116 views of my profile and received 18 flirts/IM messages, most of which were from men who were either (a) far away or (b) way too old or young for me.

I’ve sent 10 emails or flirts, none of which received responses. In fact, only two were opened (which leads me to believe that the vast majority of JDate users – or at least the men in whom I would be interested, aren’t paying customers and therefore can’t open their mail).

WTF? For this I’m paying over $30.00 a month? I could pay for two happy hours with my girlfriends for that, and there’s alcohol included.

On the other hand, I’m on two free sites (I blogged about them here) and I’ve gotten way more action on those. And, yes, from Jewish men.

But, still, I’d like to think that there’s a future for JDate and me. Maybe it’s the fact that we have a family history, maybe it’s because we’re both Jewish, and maybe it’s because I’ve already invested money and 8 months of my time (hmmm. . . sounds like my marriage). Anyway – because I want to give it one last chance, I’m challenging JDate…

Every day for a month, starting today, June 18th, 2009 – I’m going to email one man on JDate. A real email, referring to something I read in his profile, to a man that piques my interest. I’ll track it here and we’ll see what kind of responses I get.

On July 18th we’ll see where this has gotten me. It is not by accident that July 18th will be my 53rd birthday, and the first birthday without Mr. Ex. We’ll see what kind of a birthday present JDate gets me.

C’mon JDate – prove me wrong. I dare ya.

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One response to “JDate; I challenge you…

  1. Eldest

    I tried the backyard first. All I got was a beach ball that flew over from the neighbor’s yard and mosquito bites.
    The beach ball refused to pay for dinner.

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