Somebody reads my blog…

Well, I just couldn’t be more excited. I received an email today from JDate’s Manager of Public and Community Relations. Apparently she read my blog (well, I did use “JDate” as a keyword, so I imagine it comes up in some kind of blog searchy-thing that they use) and I guess she wasn’t real excited about my assessment (y’know – remember… I used the word “suck”).

Anyway – she offered to make me a featured member (does this make me look desperate? I ask), and to set me up for a personal consultation with one of their customer service reps for tips on crafting the best profile eva.

I’m totally taking her up on her offer. And I’m so psyched that somebody reads my blog who isn’t related to me or works with me or loves me anyway.

And, I do have to say, I’m pretty impressed with their community relations efforts.

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