Too soon?

I received an interesting response to an email that I had sent a man on Match today. He responded that he’s been divorced for 4 years, knows where’s he’s going now, and isn’t going to get involved with someone who is newly divorced.

I thanked him for his candor.

So now I’m wondering – is it too soon? Or is it just that since I’m not looking to get involved with someone – just trying to get back out into the world – I’m just not a good fit for some men?

Interesting to ponder.

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One response to “Too soon?

  1. bandnerdtx

    The grief counselor I’ve been seeing has suggested that it’s best to do nothing really new for a year. No new house, no new job, no new relationship, to the best of your ability, for a year. We tend to make poor choices when we are operating in grief. This is your time to heal yourself and enjoy being with you again.

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