My online profile consult . . .

I had my online profile consult with E. last Monday. Her name is really E. – I’m not just using bloggery first initials instead of names here. Anyway, she had some great suggestions. If you’re interested in a consult yourself, you can check out her website. She was terrific to work with and I continue to be grateful to JDate for their terrific customer service and for providing an opportunity for me to have some of E.’s time.

She trimmed my wordiness, to start with. You know, if JDate says that I can have 500 characters – damnit I’m going to use all 500 of them. She suggested that I cut them. Seems men don’t want to read as much as I thought (who would have guessed?).

She also suggested that I get rid of the photos of me with gray hair. I like the photos, but since I’ve started to, um, chemically enhance my hair, she felt it would be confusing to potential dates.

So . . . men don’t like to read and they’re too visual, I guess. Perhaps someone should create a graphic novel (otherwise known as a comic book) version of a dating site. I love it! You could have questions like:

  1. What kind of superhero would you be?
  2. Who would your sidekick be?
  3. Who’s your favorite arch villian?

Sorry . . . I digress.

So I made my changes, including being a little, eh, vague on the “past relationships” question. That was another of E.’s suggestions. She said that she didn’t actually love that JDate has that question and that you shouldn’t put anything in there that sounds negative.

I did love it when she said that some of my remarks made me sound “Bitter. Funny but bitter.”

Hah! Well, at least my personality comes through on my profile . . .

So, anyway, I made my changes and we’ll see if anything comes of it.



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2 responses to “My online profile consult . . .

  1. Carol

    Is this a joke?

  2. Debbie Harris

    Not at all – and she was great. I think she used to be an English teacher, so if you’re looking for a new career . . .

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