You’re fired . . .

i'm back and you're fired
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I just finished watching Tory Johnson on GMA (Good Morning America. I guess I just negated the use of the acronym). She’s their getting back to work features person. Tory started a successful company running recruiting events for women after being fired from a lucrative position in PR. Well, she held a couple of intermediate jobs, but then decided to go after her passion and start the company she was meant to create. In addition to running her successful company, she’s also featured on GMA (ah – now the acronym has merit) and writes columns for a number of media outlets.

Anyway, as I was watching Tory and checking out her bio, it occurred to me that getting divorced – especially in my case, where I did not initiate the split – is quite like getting fired. I mean, there are the obvious similarities such as sending out resumes, signing up for online job resources and networking. But I’m also interested in the whole reinventing yourself angle. Tory talks about that in her quest to become an entrepreneur.

I’m going to explore this more over the next few days, but what first hit me was the whole living with passion thing. Whenever I read anything about people who successfully started their own businesses it strikes me that it’s all about passion. Quite often it’s a story about women who faithfully dragged themselves (okay, maybe I’m exaggerating with ‘dragged’) to mediocre jobs that didn’t give anything back to them besides a paycheck. Then one day – whether it was because they were fired, the company went under, or they just had that “I can’t do this any more” epiphany – they went out on their own. And succeeded. And now, looking back, they can’t believe that they stuck it out in that crappy job as long as they did.

I realize my imagery – and my attempt to connect getting fired with getting divorced – isn’t exactly subtle. But it’s early and I haven’t had enough coffee yet. Sorry.

So . . . here you go. My goal is not just to survive being divorced, but to use this as an opportunity to reinvent myself, find the passion, and to look back one day and think, “I can’t believe I stuck it out as long as I did.”

See ya later.

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