So, what’s up with the dating stuff?

I’ve definitely put that whole endeavor on the back burner. I just stopped worrying about whether or not I was going to find someone. I guess I just realized that it’s too soon (for me, since it apparently isn’t too soon for Mr. Ex – but I digress), and that there are other things on which to concentrate. You know; things like where I live, my own interests and rediscovering what makes me happy and fulfilled.

Having said that, I have gone out with E fairly regularly for the last month or so. Nothing serious; dinner, walking the mall. I insist on paying for myself – that way I feel like it’s no strings attached. He’s very nice. He’s smart, stable (he’s been an engineer for the same company for 25 years), financially secure, and Jewish. And I feel no chemistry. None at all. Not a beaker, not a test tube of chemistry. But I still go out with him to remind myself that I’m capable of talking to (a) men and (b) people I haven’t been friends with for 100 years. It’s fine. If he stopped calling tomorrow only my ego would be bruised.

I still check JDate occasionally, as well as several other free sites. I did get a really interesting email the other day from someone on OKCupid. The only thing it said was are you submissive? Wow. I just don’t even know where to go with that. I checked the guy’s profile. It says that he makes a million dollars a year. I dunno, for that kind of money I might be willing to be submissive.

Then there’s the man who wants me to come visit him in Starved Rock. I was really hoping for someone who didn’t require a 2-hour drive.

Meh. Whatever.



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3 responses to “So, what’s up with the dating stuff?

  1. montrealbabe

    Could not find the rest of the entry

  2. montrealbabe

    I found it

  3. Kaye

    Going out with this guy will make it easier with the next guy; you are re-learning behavior from your former dating days, I’d think. Plus you may meet some of his friends and have chemistry with one of them. (Although, now that I think of it – this sounds suspiciously like something my mother used to say to me when I protested I didn’t want to go out with someone.)

    And it’s not a bad thing to have a friend (of either sex) to hang out with, do stuff with.

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