Tomorrow’s D-Day

9:00 am tomorrow. Courthouse. It’s over.

I must have some anxiety about it. I had the most vivid dream last night that my school hosted a divorce event for me, which was attended by scores of people (including Mr. Ex) and featured a band (which included out-of-towners as well as my older daughter’s BIL on bass). It was held in advance of the actual hearing, and I stayed so late that I almost missed court.

The food was good, though.

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2 responses to “Tomorrow’s D-Day

  1. montrealbabe

    good luck and good riddance

  2. ItalianGirl

    Best wishes! Think of it as a new begining. A “do-over”, or in golf terms a Mulligan.

    Close the door on one chapter, and open a new exciting chapter that you get to write without any one else having any say!

    If you need to talk, I’m here…

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