My “ta-da” list

(as opposed to “to do”)

Things I want to do now that I don’t have to put so much energy into making a bad marriage work . . .

Nurture my inner artist
Learn to draw
Work on one-stroke painting
Work on felting the fibers I bought
Decorate my home with my work
Use the Gocco
Learn more about zen photography

Nurture my home
Finish refinishing the nightstands
Replace the family room couch (why do I call it the family room? No family. But den sounds so dark)
Redo the downstairs bedroom
Take care of the leak in the roof
New window treatments

Design the journal “How I survived my divorce”

Take a class (improv?)

Clothes using hand-painted fabrics
Quilts for the 5 girls using fabrics from my mother
Pillow covers
Finish J’s tallit


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One response to “My “ta-da” list

  1. Carol

    And don’t forget time to nurture MAP duties…
    BTW, who is J as is J’s Tallit?
    There is not one thing on the ta-da list that I can help you with except possibly recommending a roofer.
    See ya around…

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