What are they waiting for?

Observations upon perusing Match.com this evening…

It’s been about a year since I signed up for JDate and Match and I spent a little time going through Match tonight. So many of the faces are the same as I saw last year, including;

• one man I emailed who responded that he wouldn’y get involved with me because I was too new to the divorced scene
• one man I emailed who never responded, and
• one man I emailed who responded to me that he wasn’t dating right now because his father is ill (and yet, that didn’t seem to stop him from logging in that evening and many times since).

What are they waiting for? Is the problem with online dating the abundance of women on these sites? Are they afraid that someone better will come along?


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  1. Becca Sokolov

    I definitely relate to your blog, especially about dating and being whole. I’ve been writing about my divorce, and would be interested in your read…www.beccalov.wordpress.com.

    Mazel tov on being whole.

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