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Just sayin’ – general observations

Upon living alone and mr-less…

Tires need filling? Seriously?

All light bulbs look the same when you’re standing in Home Depot. Better to bring one.

When you live alone and misplace something, there is nobody to blame but yourself. “He” did not move it. “He” did not use it and put it back in the wrong place. “You” are going crazy; that is the only explanation.

Traps that catch mice need to be either (a) emptied and re-baited or (b) thrown away if they’re disposable. Disposable ones are totally worth the money. So’s Terminix.

When the light goes out over the kitchen sink, you will have to be the one to get on the stepladder (which, coincidentally, is upstairs), snake your hand up through the pot rack that’s hanging below it, untwist the old light bulb and replace it. Then you will be the one who has to climb down the stepladder and turn on the light. Then you will be the one who has to call the electrician when it still doesn’t work.

When 18 people are coming for Thanksgiving, you are the one who has to clean the house. Of course, it there’s no mess to start with, you can just clean it without cleaning up first.

In summary, there’s lots that’s different. But it’s just different this year, not bad.

Happy Thanksgiving!



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