As we enter into the last week of the year (and, incidentally, decade), some reflections…

Celebrity marital discord:

NEW YORK - APRIL 15:  (L-R) Tim Robbins, Susan...
Image by Getty Images via Daylife

1. Jon and Kate. who cares?

2. Susan Sarandon and Tim Robbins. I was saddened to hear this one. I always thought they were a classy couple who kept their private life private, and they seem to be doing the same with this. I just saw her yesterday touting her new movie on some show (thank goodness for winter break – how would I keep up with these things?) and I thought how wonderful she looks.

3. Tiger Woods. Elin says she’s done. I say good for her. What a disappointment – I think of all those kids who looked up to him as a determined athlete.

4. Governor Mark Sanford and his wife Jenny. She stood by him at the outset, but she, too, is now outa there. Why did she stick around at the beginning? Perhaps it was a desire to help him avoid impeachment; maybe that desire to just keep her life the way it was.

And, interestingly, what looks like a great movie is opening tomorrow – It’s Complicated. I’m planning to see it with my divorce support group – who better?

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