It’s Complicated

Saw the movie It’s Complicated with my divorce support group over break. Great movie to see with a bunch of divorced people…

Can I just say that I want to be Meryl Streep? In general, but for sure in that movie. There she was, the self-assured, confident, successful ex-wife. At the beginning of the movie there’s a scene where she’s with a group of people, including some friends, her ex-husband (sleazily played by sleazy Alec Baldwin) and his trophy bitch wife. And, as she leaves the group – alone – you don’t feel sorry for her, you feel like she’s just fine with it.

And can I say I would also like her bakery, the house, and Steve Martin. Just sayin’


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  1. Happy New Year and Thank you! I noticed you have my book on your night stand-From Ex-Wife to Exceptional life.I hope it is helpful. Would you like me to contibute an article to your site?I owuld be happy to do that.
    I would also look forward to hearing your thoughts in my new blog on Transitions at http://www.donnaferber. com.

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