Can I just say?

I don’t believe in sex addiction. I believe in over-entitled men who think that rules don’t apply to them.

I hope Tiger’s wife throws him to the curb.

Just sayin’



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2 responses to “Can I just say?

  1. Hi there, I found you by the “infidelity” tag. I’m connecting with people who are on some level like minded. So I hope to speak to you in the near future.

    regarding your comment:

    it is possible that there are people who go after many women, because they want to, i.e. not sex addicted.

    however there are many people who are fixated on sex. they are under tremendous mental manipulation. believe it or not, there are people who feel a tremendous pull, a tremendous influence from these sexual influences. Many are addicted to such influences, not knowing exactly why they are attracted to such influences. sadly these people are often classified as perverted person, since those who categorize people as perverts are not familiar with the amount of sexual and mental manipulation that is involved.

  2. none

    It ain’t just men…

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