Numbers are numbers

“Oh, mom, I’m so sorry. Do you want to get another opinion?” Older daughter asked.

The good news is that the second opinion of which she spoke would not have been from a medical professional. By the way – did you know that now you can get same-day results from a mammogram? Sorry for the digression, but it was SO worth making the hour appointment to hear “come back next year” at the end. And I got some serious reading in while I waited (Caught by Harlen Cobin – awesome!).

Anyway; the “I’m so sorry” was the result of my conversation with a real estate professional, who, with numbers in a pretty binder at hand, gave me the bad news.

He might as well have said, “Ms. Coffee; you are the only person who gets a house in a divorce and gets screwed.”


The house I “got” is nothing but a big ole’ worthless lump of debt, at the moment. And, if it’s not “underwater,” it sure as hell is treading it.

My first inclination was so say I would suck it up, take the lumps and sell it, even at a loss.

But that’s dumb.

I mean, I’m fortunate that I don’t have to sell it; I just had a lot of great work done on it, and there’s no reason I can’t stay.

Except that I don’t wanna.

All year I focused on “moving out and moving on,” and now that doesn’t seem possible. Or even remotely intelligent.

So, it looks as if selling the house is not going to be in my immediate future.

Change direction…again.

Now – to figure out what to do to the house to continue to put my stamp on it, and hopefully, make it really outstanding, so that, when I do put it on the market, it wows any potential buyer.

Once again, a bump in the road.

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4 responses to “Numbers are numbers

  1. Joni

    Sorry. I am sure it is beautiful now though. I am so glad you did all the work. Now enjoy it yourself. It will be nice for Allie when she comes home this summer. No one says you cannot still try to sell it at your price, just that it might not happen. It only takes one buyer.

  2. ItalianGirl

    Just remember, it is only a bump in the road…Make it yours! Your kids grew up in that house? Keep those memories… Keep the good, throw out the bad.

  3. Suzy

    While I know you are disappointed, I’m sure the dogs will be quite happy to stay where they are comfortable. You’re in a great location. A fresh start in a new home would make you happier, but the house is really lovely now that you’ve had all that work done — you may as well enjoy it for a while before selling it!

  4. Kaye

    For me the hardest part would be doing a turn-around from the mindset that I would be leaving. Maybe after the idea settles a bit, you’ll be glad to stay.

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