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The tree stands straight

There’s a tree in front of my home that I really love. I’ve loved it since we bought the house 17 years ago. It provides a wonderful canopy over my front yard, shades the home and just makes a really pretty statement in front of the house (okay, my SIL did hit my daughter’s car while trying to maneuver around it, but we won’t quibble here).

As I looked at the tree this morning I noticed the spot on one side where a very large branch had to be cut away. Very large. It was literally pulling the tree down, making it lean dangerously toward the house. I remember watching them cut the branch away, wondering if that was all it needed to make it strong and straight again. Wondering if the tree would look the same, still be my favorite.

Today the tree is gloriously straight and tall. You can see where the branch was severed, but it doesn’t mar it.

I guess sometimes you have to make a drastic change and get rid of what’s weighing you down to be straight and tall again.



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