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Me and the Wii

So, shortly before Mr. Ex moved out he decided that we needed a Wii. Oh, he had support over here – Allie couldn’t have been more excited. Then, of course, we also needed a flatscreen TV to go with it, but that’s another story.

So Allie and I had been on a quest to fnd a Wii Fit. Harder than it sounds, but we ultimately got one. I finally used it yesterday (well, it takes me a while…)

I love it. No kidding. This may actually be the fitness plan I’ve been looking for.

Why I like the Wii better than working out at a health club:

1. I don’t have to look for a parking space. Did you ever notice people circling at the health club looking for the closest parking space? Does that strike you as illogical?

2. I don’t have to wonder about the cleanliness of the changing area. Frankly I know exactly how dirty it is.

3. It’s private. The dogs look at me like I’m a little crazy, but that’s not a new thing.

4. It’s cheaper (duh – you knew I’d get to that one, right?)

5. I don’t look like an idiot in front of strangers. I prefer to look like an idiot in the privacy of my own home.

6. It’s basically a video game, and I’m totally a sucker for a good video game. If they could only get the trainer to look like Super Mario I’d be really happy.

8. It appeals to my competitive nature. Seriously. I did that stupid slalom ski about 10 times trying to beat my score.

9. It has some humor to it, although I was not terribly amused when my little Wii Mii got fat after Wii Fit calculated my BMI. I did love the sweat pouring off the Mii in the tightrope walk, though.

10. Most trainers creep me out, but the animated Mii trainer was pretty inocuous. Although I would happier if he looked like Bob from Biggest Loser, and they totally have to figure out how to make his mouth move.

More to come – I have to go do the step thing with a bunch of little Miis now.

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