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The greening continues

Green updates: The compost bin is assembled and sitting in its corner of the yard. Wow. Me composting… I can’t believe how excited I am to have stuff rotting in my yard.

I ordered – and received in two days – two collapsible rain barrels from Woodland Direct. Unfortunately, they didn’t send me the diverter kits that were supposed to be included. Um, I can’t use ’em if I can’t divert the water from the downspout into the barrel. I’m excited, though, to be starting my rainwater saving. It mostly started because of my frugality (didn’t want to pay a bigger water bill) and because the idiots who built my house didn’t think it would be important to put a water spigot in the back. Really…why would you want a water spigot where the yard is? I have one on the side of the house, but that’s on the outside of the gate, which is locked from the OUTSIDE because I have a highly intelligent border collie who know how to open the gate (really). So, in order to use the water I have to go in the house, walk through the house, go out the front door, open the gate, make sure the dogs don’t get out… not worth it. I’ve been shlepping water in a watering can from the laundry room (which actually is only a few steps from the back door, but then there’s the whole spilling of water as I carry the heavy can…) so I’m excited to use rainwater. And I understand rainwater has the added benefit of being better for plants; it’s softer (which I’m sure is true in my case since I have very hard water), and it’s freeeeeeeeee.

I chose collapsible barrels because I will easily be able to store them over the winter, rather than leave them outside to possibly crack. I put them together with no problem. I’m a little nervous about installing the diverter kits, but I’ll ask a man for help if necessary.


Do you know what hypertufa is? It’s a combination of cement, perlite and peat moss. You mix it all up, add water till it feels like (ew) cottage cheese and then mold it into planters and stuff like that. It’s going to be my summer project; learning how to use it and make stuff out of it. It appeals to me because it has a lovely, rustic quality about it; it’s a little different; and the materials aren’t expensive. Of course I mentioned it to some colleagues, who all want to come play in the mud, so I thought, once I get good at using it, I’ll host concrete camp (it’s technically not concrete, but I like the alliteration). I’ll serve a mud-inspired cuisine; mudslides, Oreo mud pie… Go ahead; Google it – it’s cool.

What I’m reading right now – thank you to my adorable younger daughter who sent me the link to The Jew and the Carrot. What a great blog!



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Healing through crafting, continued

Previously: Melody’s Mosaics, The Butterfly

While I was in the stages of creativity at the Craft Store. I spied a bag of dirt, that you would use to build villages around trains. And I got this wild idea. I saw a little box, with a screen on top to look in. I painted the box black. Inside I wrote words that represented the issues that we could never resolve.  I covered them with dirt, put in a toy horse, a little more dirt. Then I glued/sealed it shut.  On the top I wrote: INSIDE THIS BOX IS BURIED A DEAD HORSE. On the front I finished it with, I QUIT BEATING IT. Here Lies, Same Old Issues – May they rest in Peace.

the Divorce Horse

Melody: the Divorce Horse

I never, ever have to have the same conversation again. If I feel the need to “remember” and find my self getting upset, I just pull out the box and remember – I buried them – old habits can be broken.

I don’t have to bury the box. The “activity” of making it was enough and I need to see it now and then. For now its in a bag in the back of my closet with the Memory Box.  I hope that one day, when you are ready for total acceptance and you are tired of beating a dead horse, that you find a way to bury them and let them rest in Peace.

Editor’s note – Melody, thank you so much for sharing your work – it’s incredibly inspirational and I hope you allow me to post more! ~ Debbie

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Healing through crafting, continued

Melody’s mosaics, part two (part one can be found here)

Memory Box  for my Life Change - beyond divorce

Melody: Memory Box for my Life Change - beyond divorce

I wanted to find a way to create a personal ritual or life ceremony for this passage from married to unmarried.  I found a book called Ceremonies for Real Life by Carine Fabius. I took her ideas and I customized them for myself.  I created a memory box. I painted black and red – black for endings, red for transformation. The broken tile represents my broken marriage. Inside the box, I put a caterpillar to represent the wife, girl, woman I used to be. The one that tried to love too much, nuture too much, hoped too much…etc. I wrote, In order to be a butterfly, you have to quit thinking like a caterpillar.

Inside the box I put two little craft books. One titled, Memories and Good Things from my marriage and relationship with (my ex). The first page is of the Best things, that being our beautiful children of course. I have a page for Fun Memories, Food Memories, Holiday Memories, Things that I will miss. Places we lived, Pets we’ve owned, etc, etc, etc. The book came tied together with ribbon and I tied my ring to it.

The other book is titled just that: The Other Book. Not clever, but it works. On the first page I wrote, All forgiven. All issues buried in a box. Ho Opano pano! Clean Slate. I felt no need to fill up this book. On the inside bottom of the box, I wrote, Transformation. And on top of the box right out of the midst of brokenness is a Butterfly.

It was comforting to process this box.p1010045

Tomorrow: The Divorce Horse.


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Healing through crafting

Melody’s mosaics, part one

I “met” Melody through First Wives World. Like me, Melody is divorced after a long marriage. Crafting has helped her heal, and she graciously has agreed to share her story here.

I used to be very creative and then a few years ago I felt so uninspired that I couldn’t get motivated to do anything. I would walk through arts and crafts store and not see a single would inspire me and I did not know why.


Melody: Beachy

I was at my weekly woman’s support group recently. These women have been there while I have processed wanting to leave, to leaving and divorcing. At a recent meeting, I had replayed a situation I had with my ex that week. When I was done, I said, I wondered who I would be when I didn’t have the drama of him in my life anymore. One of the ladies, piped up with, My heart will probably open again. I see myself as a positive, optimistic person and did not see my heart as close/walled off or whatever. But I once it was pointed out, I looked for the truth in what she said. I mulled that over for a couple of weeks. Because of the New Year I made an intention for 2009 – To be willing to open my heart up again.

Joy in Mosaics

Melody: Joy in Mosaics

You know what happened? My creativity came back!! And right now, I’m into mosaics. My first project last week was a tray with swirls of little seashells and glass gems. This week I bought a wood box and I am going to do a mosaic with beads and buttons. It feels so good to be creative again. I am finding joy in mosaics.

My life is like a Mosaic. It doesn’t have to be perfect. I am putting my life together piece by piece. Sticking what is good to a strong foundation and then concreting my beliefs in place. I am as unique as each piece will be. I love the seashore and right now, my themes are beachy!

Tomorrow: the butterfly

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