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Oh, great – get divorced, look older…

An article on Live Science reports that divorce makes women look older. Great.  It references a recent study in the journal of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery that measured the perceived age differences between female identical twins and correlated that with various lifestyle factors such as smoking, use of antidepressants, weight and divorce. Apparently those who were divorced looked older. Now, the article doesn’t go into whether it was being divorced that contributes to looking older, or being married to the jerk in the first place (ah, but I digress).

On the other hand, for women who are over 40, being heavier makes one look younger, according to the article. No kidding. Hello? It’s the fact that the extra fat fills out wrinkles. I KNEW THAT!

So – good news, bad news. I guess if you’re going to get divorced you just need to make sure you’ve got a little fat around. Finally, something I’m doing right!

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