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Can I just say?

I don’t believe in sex addiction. I believe in over-entitled men who think that rules don’t apply to them.

I hope Tiger’s wife throws him to the curb.

Just sayin’



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Just sayin’ – general observations

Upon living alone and mr-less…

Tires need filling? Seriously?

All light bulbs look the same when you’re standing in Home Depot. Better to bring one.

When you live alone and misplace something, there is nobody to blame but yourself. “He” did not move it. “He” did not use it and put it back in the wrong place. “You” are going crazy; that is the only explanation.

Traps that catch mice need to be either (a) emptied and re-baited or (b) thrown away if they’re disposable. Disposable ones are totally worth the money. So’s Terminix.

When the light goes out over the kitchen sink, you will have to be the one to get on the stepladder (which, coincidentally, is upstairs), snake your hand up through the pot rack that’s hanging below it, untwist the old light bulb and replace it. Then you will be the one who has to climb down the stepladder and turn on the light. Then you will be the one who has to call the electrician when it still doesn’t work.

When 18 people are coming for Thanksgiving, you are the one who has to clean the house. Of course, it there’s no mess to start with, you can just clean it without cleaning up first.

In summary, there’s lots that’s different. But it’s just different this year, not bad.

Happy Thanksgiving!


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Pssssst… more tips for online daters

I don’t care what your motorcycle looks like.

Using sexual graphics as your profile photo will not make me want to contact you.

If it’s June, change your headline so it doesn’t say “Fall is upon us”

Put up some information, for heaven’s sake. I hate when I click on someone’s photo and there’s nothing there.

Put up a photo. A recent one. A non-blurry one. And not one of you and 10 other people so we can’t figure out who you are.

If someone emails you, email them back. Even if you’re not interested. Otherwise, it’s bad dating karma.

“LuvUonTop” is not a good user name.

If you email someone, refer to their profile in some way. Otherwise the email just sounds canned and one wonders if perhaps you haven’t sent the same email to 100 other women. It’s easy – just say, I see that you’re into Italian food. Have you ever eaten at xxx? or I love NPR – do you listen to Wait, Wait Don’t Tell Me? See – piece of cake.

People – look at your user name. Spell “flirt” right (because I just don’t want to date “Icanfirlt”). Look at how it reads as one long word. Are you using two words together that just don’t work? For instance, “One Song Imp” would come out to onesongimp. Do you want “gimp” in your user name? Or my new favorite: loverofarts. Is that Lover O Farts? or Lover Of Arts? Got it?

If you create your profile in a word processor and then copy/paste it to your browser, check to make sure that it didn’t truncate and to verify that the apostrophes didn’t turn into question marks, or something like that. To just let it go says that you didn’t really care, that your attitude is that it’s just an online profile…

just sayin’


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More advice to men on online dating profiles

Ethnicity (from Encarta® World English Dictionary)
eth·nic·i·ty (noun)
ethnic affiliation or distinctiveness

Tip for men who are completing those online dating profiles…

The proper response to “ethnicity” would NOT BE:

I believe that people should treat others as they wish to be treated. I believe in the golden rule.

Not kidding here, folks. I’m thinking that somebody confused “ethnic” with “ethic.”

Another one:

Ethnicity: Native American

Now, I’m not psychic, and I guess that this gentleman could be “native American,” but I was on Jdate, and the likelihood of finding “Geronimo Schwartz” is slim.

Just sayin’

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