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Fastest rejection eva?

So, I took the big steps and actually paid money to join JDate and That’s what Diana Kirschner says to do in Love in 90 Days. Last week I get a Match email from a Jewish man in my city who’s a few years older than I. Wow. Not 25. Not in another city or country. Jewish. It even says in his profile that he’s interested in women who aren’t exactly, ahem, svelte.

We agree to meet for coffee this morning at 11:00am. I alert the troops (seriously). I email his cellphone number to my kids in case they never hear from me again. I warn my girlfriends not to show up at that Starbucks (then I seriously rethink whether meeting at the Starbucks next to “my” Jewel is really a good idea. I mean, it’s not like there isn’t a Starbucks on every other street corner – do I need to pick the one in my neighborhood?).

I get an email from him at 8:00 this morning to call him at 10:30 because he may be running late from the dentist.

Okay. Good dental hygiene is important.

I get up, I shower. I put on way more makeup than is normal for a Saturday. I get dressed – perfectly dressed for a Saturday coffee; not too dressy, not my usual Saturday schmatte-wear for hanging out at home (in case you don’t know what that is, schmatte-wear is, well, crap clothes that can get dirty or whatever).

I call at 10:40 (don’t want to look anxious) from my cell (so he can’t do reverse lookup and find my home and murder me in my sleep), and get his voice mail. I leave a message.

shop2_lIt’s 12:17 now. No call back. What on earth is that dentist doing? I’m having visions of the dentist scene in Little Shop of Horrors (the original – with a super-young Jack Nicholson).

I think I’ve been rejected before I even begin.


Now what? I’m all dressed up. I think I’ll take my kids to lunch.

Sigh. I hope he had to have a root canal.

Oh well – at least it’s good blogging.

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