JDate Challenge

On June 18, 2009, I instituted my JDate challenge. Yes, folks, I challenged JDate to a duel. Threw down the “find me a mate” gauntlet. I’m emailing one man a day from JDate and recording the results here.

On 6-19 I received an email from the Manager, Public and Community Relations of JDate. She offered me a free upgrade to a spotlight profile, as well as a consult with their customer service reps to help me create the best profile ever. You betcha – thanks (and, boy, don’t you LOVE technology?).

C’mon JDate . . . show your stuff

JDate emails (bold show a connection of some kind):

6-18-09: email #1, opened no response

6-19-09: email #2, unopened

6-20-09: email #3, opened 6-20, received response 6-20, sent my cell phone number 6-21, he called 6-22, we spoke briefly, he called back

6-21-09: email #4, opened 6-24, responded that he’s not dating due to a sick parent (that had better be true – otherwise it’s REALLY bad karma)

6-22-09: email #5: opened no response

6-23-09: email #6: opened, rejected

6-24-09: email #7: unopened

6-25-09: email #8: unopened

I suspended the JDate challenge because I hated doing it. I still think it sucks.


3 responses to “JDate Challenge

  1. montrealbabe

    One is bound to show up soon; it’s the law of averages. Did you take the free cosultation?
    Am I montrealbabe?

  2. montrealbabe

    It’s July 1 – what happened, in the end, with the Jdate challenge?

  3. aquanoestar

    well, you don’t have to be 40…. even for 30, jdate sucks.

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