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Are you kidding?

Just received in an email on a dating site: mmm greatest gift to my eyesight is having my eyes set on you hugs and kiss

Are you kidding? Does that work?



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More on bogus online profiles


Do all you phony online daters have to use photos where you CLEARLY googled “hot half-naked older man” or “good-looking older man wearing a suit standing on the beach”?


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It’s Complicated

Saw the movie It’s Complicated with my divorce support group over break. Great movie to see with a bunch of divorced people…

Can I just say that I want to be Meryl Streep? In general, but for sure in that movie. There she was, the self-assured, confident, successful ex-wife. At the beginning of the movie there’s a scene where she’s with a group of people, including some friends, her ex-husband (sleazily played by sleazy Alec Baldwin) and his trophy bitch wife. And, as she leaves the group – alone – you don’t feel sorry for her, you feel like she’s just fine with it.

And can I say I would also like her bakery, the house, and Steve Martin. Just sayin’

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What are they waiting for?

Observations upon perusing Match.com this evening…

It’s been about a year since I signed up for JDate and Match and I spent a little time going through Match tonight. So many of the faces are the same as I saw last year, including;

• one man I emailed who responded that he wouldn’y get involved with me because I was too new to the divorced scene
• one man I emailed who never responded, and
• one man I emailed who responded to me that he wasn’t dating right now because his father is ill (and yet, that didn’t seem to stop him from logging in that evening and many times since).

What are they waiting for? Is the problem with online dating the abundance of women on these sites? Are they afraid that someone better will come along?

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Isn’t it romantic?

I was out to dinner with Mr. Engineer last night. Now, I’m not really interested in him romantically. He’s very nice, but there’s no spark at all (even though he’s an engineer – pun intended). But I enjoy going out with him for dinner and I feel like it’s good for me to remind myself that I’m capable of speaking to men to whom I’m not related and haven’t been working with for 15 years. Not that, being a teacher, I work with many men anyway.

He mentioned during the course of our conversation that he has sleep apnea and uses one of those machines that wakes you if you stop breathing during the night. That’s why, he explained, he doesn’t travel much outside the US – he’s worried about the electricity (makes sense to me).

I have carpal tunnel and use wrist braces at night. They’re essentially ace bandage supports with metal splints to keep my wrists straight. If I don’t use them my wrists tend to bend and lose circulation and then my hands go so numb that it wakes me. I could never figure out how numbness could wake you – but that’s another post.

So I get this mental picture of a romantic first liaison. He with his sleep machine, me with my wrist braces. Not exactly like when I was in my 20’s and the only thing you worried about was whether or not your roommate would walk in. Or in my 30’s when we worried about whether or not the kids would walk in. Now I feel like I’m just one step away from worrying that he’s going to knock down the water glass with my teeth in it.

Isn’t it romantic?


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Mr. Serious

Thanks to all who commented about my not wanting to continue a dialogue with Mr. Wisconsin.

I gave up on him. Not so much because he’s 100 miles away (although I did find that a problem), but mostly because he majorly creeped me out. He got way too serious way too quickly.

Five emails, and he’s writing:

Are you the one?

The one what? Seriously? I haven’t even met you. I don’t even know if I’m the one that’s going to want to have dinner with you.


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My, I’m trendy

cougar-town-pic_432x375Me and Courtney Cox. Uh huh.

I’m sure you’ve seen the TV ads for Cougar Town, the new ABC show starring Courtney Cox. Other than the fact that she’s looking at 40, and, for me that’s a somewhat distant memory, it’s a little spooky. ABC bills it as “a single-camera comedy that dares to tell the truth about dating after divorce.”

Nice to know that I’m in a common enough demographic that I rate a TV show.

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